AV Live

otolab audiovisual performance
Audio: Maikko, SN – Visuals: mud, orgone, xo00

Presented at Netmage 04 (Bologna, IT) and at Live!iXem 2005 (Mestre, IT).
Image: stills from Netmage 04 liveset.
Audio controllers were applied on the main volume to regulate the brightness of the two screens: black is silence.
Other otolab performers: _dies, fd, orgone, xo00.

polistatic strip

Stills from live files

polystatic raw 3d files

IXEM 2005

Live IXEM Mestre 2005

polistatic IXEM Mestre 2005

Netmage 04

Bologna 2004

otolab polystatic Netmage Bologna 2004

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